My Keto Journey

Day 4: Weight and Measurements

I probably should have done this on day 1, but I don’t always have time to stop and measure the circumference of various body parts for the sake of record keeping. However, I do want to keep score of the changes in my body and I want something measurable to validate all the efforts I am putting into my Keto diet. I had initially weighed myself on day 1 and I weighed in at 188.6 lbs (first thing in the morning). Today, it the mid afternoon, I weighed 185.2 lbs. That’s a 3.4 lbs drop!

Yes I know! Most of this is water weight as I was not yet in ketosis. Although tonight I know I am in ketosis. For starters it’s 10:15 pm and I am WIDE awake. I usually zonk out at 9-ish. I also have Keto breath (yuck and yay all at once). And I’m not hungry. Really and seriously, not hungry. I skipped lunch all together today. Not because I was trying to or because I wanted to, but because the urge to eat didn’t hit me at all today. I made myself have dinner to be sure I don’t go too long through the night without food. I am all for intermittent fasting, but I’m used to 16 hours, not more. I am not quite ready to deviate from that too much.

Now for the big moment. My before measurements:

  • Weight: 185.2 lbs
  • Body Fat: 39.8%
  • Neck: 14″
  • Chest (Under the arms and above the breasts): 41.5″
  • Bust (the nipple line): 43″
  • Waist (the natural waist line): 38″
  • Abdomen (halfway between the navel and pubic bone): 41″
  • Hips (the widest part): 46.5″
  • Right Thigh (largest part) : 26.5″
  • Left Thigh (largest part): 26.25″
  • Right Calf (largest part): 16.5″
  • Left Calft (largest part): 16.75″
  • Right Arm (around mid biceps): 12″
  • Left Arm (around mid biceps): 12.25″

There you have it! The starting reference. Can’t wait to see how it changes and how quickly too. I will do my best to get some before pictures taken tomorrow.

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