My Keto Journey

Day 5: Eating Out on Keto – Help!

Today was a big day. A bit scary in terms of my Keto diet. I had a networking lunch to attend, and it’s not like I could skip it… I am the one who runs it. Running the meeting is not a problem. Eating out on day 5 was a little nerve racking. I kept wondering if there would be anything that I would be able to eat and enjoy. I had come to the conclusion that in a worst case scenario, I would take my meal to go and someone at home would eat it.

The truth is, at these meetings, I talk a lot. I am entertaining and animating. The only time I actually sit down is while my guest speaker is speaking. And since I have been feeling so full on the Keto Diet so far, I figured that with a good breakfast, I could likely hold off till the meeting was over and I was back home to eat a Keto meal. But that was only my worst case scenario. I had every intention of asking the waiter what my options are. And so I did.

Oh how blessed I felt when he explained that his girlfriend is following a Keto diet as well. He was able to make a Keto friendly recommendation and I was able to enjoy a lovely Greek salad with a beautiful grilled chicken. Yum!

You see, I am a total newbie at the Keto diet and even though I have a lot of knowledge when it comes to health, wellness and nutrition, even I feel insecure when it comes to things unknown. I have yet to learn so much about Keto and especially eating out on a Keto diet. Every day I get more and more excited about my Keto lifestyle and the learning that goes along with it.

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