My Keto Journey

Day 10: Better Off From Scratch!

More and more, I am realizing that if I am going strict Keto, I need to make my own food from scratch. You would be surprised how much hidden sugar there is in everything. Maybe I’ve gone paranoid, but after checking labels for a few days now, it’s clear that you can never assume anything about any consumable pre-packaged product. Even the 90% dark chocolate contains 3g of carbs per little square. When you are restricting carbs, a sweet treat can become costly and kick you out of ketosis.

I’ve come to the conclusion that during my learning curve, I will check many labels and I will probably make anything that can easily be made from scratch. There is no point in risking a higher sugar or carb intake. When you make your own, you control what goes in it. So tonight, bacon bits were prepared for an awesome caesar salad for lunch tomorrow.

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