My Keto Journey

Day 17: Craving Something Sweet

You know how it’s nice to have a dessert after a meal. It helps change the taste left in your mouth by the food you just ate. It’s especially helpful when you have had a ton of garlic. Well in recent days, I have been missing that something sweet after dinner. It isn’t always easy to find Keto approved sweet treats. Most, you have to do it yourself. I had made a recipe of peanut butter brownie bites last week. They were good, but they had turned out a little too soft because I only had liquid stevia on hand.

As I am leaning, I am also searching for recipes that fit the Keto lifestyle but also allow me to enjoy some of the foods I love and cherish without having to give them up entirely. Like desserts and sweet treats. Pinterest is a great way to find yummy treats. I have yet to try any of them.

One thing I did find that is satisfying my urge to eat something sweet is 70% cocoa Lindor chocolates. It’s my daily indulgence. I will only have one a day and when I am having it, I enjoying it to the fullest, allowing it to slowly melt in my mouth. Chocolate is obviously one of the things I won’t give up on.

They say that if there’s a will, there’s a way. Well, I have the will, so I’m finding ways to have my sweet treats. Keto friendly sweet treats that is.