My Keto Journey

Day 18: Thank You, But No Thank You

After 17 full days of strict Keto eating, and a body that is consistently in ketosis and in the process of Keto adapting, I was almost completely thrown out of ketosis with one sip of tea today. Bad!

A colleague of mine offered me a tea. He brought it to my desk all smiles and I knew it was Persian tea from it’s nice and rich aroma. It was so kind of him to think of making me a tea. Since it was very hot, I let it cool down and decided I would drink it after I ate my lunch.

I love Persian tea. I was really looking forward to drinking it once it had cooled down. It took me only one sip to realized that my colleague had put crystallized sugar in the tea. One of the ways Persian tea is traditionally made, with Nabaat inside. I spat it back out immediately and went to rinse my mouth from the residual sugar. No way was I taking any chance of my body reverting to processing glucose for fuel now. I’m too close to being Keto-adapted.

I admit I felt bad and a little sad to throw out such a great tea, especially since it came to me with such care. The moral of the story is, not everyone will realize you are not having any carbs. It’s your responsibility to know what you are putting in your mouth.